11-06-2014 - RIDEF NEWS: energy efficiency binding targets on the discussion table
The EU’s energy commissioner, Günther Oettinger, has called for a new legally-binding proposal this autumn to cut energy use by 2030, as a way of curbing Europe’s reliance on Russia for a third of its oil, and 39% of its gas supplies.

The bloc has already proposed a binding 40% greenhouse gas reduction objective for 2030, and an obligatory 27% share for renewables in Europe’s energy mix as a whole.

Asked by EurActiv whether an energy savings goal should also be considered, Oettinger replied: “I feel that it would be appropriate to propose a binding energy efficiency target and make that proposal to the Council, and to the Parliament."

“Now more than ever energy efficiency and energy savings need to be our first response to energy import dependence," the commissioner said at a meeting to launch the EU’s long-awaited energy security strategy.

“That needs to be our focus in the coming years," he added. But Oettinger refused to be drawn on the details of any target, saying that the review would be published in September, three months later than planned, but a month before the EU’s declared deadline for agreement on a 2030 climate and energy package.

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